Barnes & Thornburg's Diversity Commitment

Diversity and inclusion reflects one of Barnes & Thornburg’s long-standing historical core values. A true dedication to diversity and inclusion, however, requires action. That is why at Barnes & Thornburg we have made the deliberate commitment to align the business of diversity and inclusion with the business of the firm. Through conscious programming, engaged sponsorship and the continual internal and external investment of time, talent and resources, we are committed to building and sustaining an inclusive, respectful, and open culture made up of accomplished individuals of all backgrounds.

Bottom line, Barnes & Thornburg is “all in” when it comes to diversity and inclusion. And our mission is simple: to hire great talent from all backgrounds and then work together as a team to create an environment of inclusion that fosters retention, training, promotion and empowerment such that all are positioned to succeed.

This is smart business and it is what we do at Barnes & Thornburg. We will continue to aggressively set goals to that end, because when we achieve them, the entire firm, our clients and the communities we serve win.

Learn more about the firm's Diversity and Inclusion initiatives at the following links:

For more information, please contact:
Dawn Rosemond
Director of Diversity, Professional Development and Inclusion

Kelly Atkinson
Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator