In most full-service firms, "labor and employment” is just one of many practice options offered by the firm. By contrast, Barnes & Thornburg’s Labor & Employment Law Department is a core area that helps drive our firm - the reason why many clients hire Barnes & Thornburg in the first place. While we are proud to be recognized as a lead department in one of the country’s Top 100 law firms, we know it wouldn’t be possible without our close partnership with clients.

Over the years, those partnerships have grown both in number and in scope - with our department representing clients that are located in all 50 states and numerous countries around the globe. Indeed, we are honored to represent several of the world’s most recognizable employers on a regional, national, and international basis. That peerless client list notwithstanding, we get equally fired up tackling issues and finding solutions for countless organizations you’ve likely never heard of.

At the end of the day, whether a client is big or small, public or private, in one industry or another, they all have one unifying factor: they have a workforce. And every workforce presents common challenges - encouraging increased productivity, maintaining discipline, navigating rising healthcare costs, doing more with less, complying with laws that have become increasingly nebulous, addressing union pressures, defending opportunistic litigation and protecting competitive advantages. For all these issues, employers - regardless of size - deserve passionate labor counsel. Bottom line: We love watching and learning what our clients do and partnering with them to help them succeed.